Friday, 7 March 2014

Young Love

I met an eighteen year old at his birthday dinner that his parents had me plan at a 5 star hotel. He was cute and looked older than eighteen. Must be the stuff they put in our food. After the dinner the kids were going off dancing at a near by club and booked to stay at the hotel for the night. The birthday boy, Sivuyile, invited me to go dancing. He was cute, I said yes.

I was in a short black dress and blazer for work, without the blazer I would fit right in at the club. Mrs Zulu made me promise to keep an eye on her son. Little did she know I would be keeping more than my eye on her big boy.
The grown ups went home or to bed in the case of the Zulus. The kids and I walked three blocks to the club.
The club was packed, and not just by teens. We danced the night away and posed for pictures to commemorate the boy's coming of age.
He flirt with me all night. I was curious. When we went back to the hotel at 5am I was walking to concierge to ask for a taxi, he roped his arm in mine and said " my bed's too big for one"
I smiled at him and walked with him to his room. He was very charming for an eighteen year old. We went into the lift and he pressed 9. We were the only two inside. He kissed me. He tasted of beer and cigarette. His kiss was slow, hard and unpredictable. He unzipped my dress while I undid his shirt buttons slowly to match the kiss. We spilled out the lift with our clothes half off. Luckily his room wasn't too far.

When we got into his room he i let my dress drop. He pushed me back to give me a once over. This boy was no child but a man with experience matching my twenty five years. He drew me to him by my waist. He started with his tongue lashing and sensual kissing again. He led me into the bathroom all the while kissing me. He dropped his pants on the way. We stood near the bath where he ran the water to fill it up. He undid my bra and took it off slowly and stood back to look at my breasts. They were full and erect. He kissed me down my neck, my collarbone, chests and then sucked on my left nipple while teasing my right between his index and middle finger. He went lower to take off my black lack panties with his teeth. Kissing my bum. He motioned his head for me to get into the bath with. Hand held out for me for balance.
He washed me softly and kissed every part he finished washing with a peck. That was until he had washed my pussy and drained the bath. He spread my legs with either leg outside the bath. He grinned at me and teased my clit with his fingers. Then he used his tongue in place of his fingers. I moaned from simultaneous pain and pleasure when he grazed me with his teeth. It hurt so good. He carried on like this for a while. He stood up, put out a hand for me to hold while getting up.

He stopped me with my back against the wall. I wanted his big cock inside me. I lifted a lef around his waist and pushedb my pelvis out towards him. He lifted me up a little higher and entered me. I came immediately, my pussy tightening around his beautiful black cock. My leg that was on the floor was threatening to buckle, he lifted it to wrap him around his waist too. He grinned at me as he watched me cum so hard I was squirting and making his cock moist. His thrusts were slow, deep and strong. One arm keeping me steady by my bum and the other with his palm against the bathroom wall. He kept the same pace until just he was about to cum. The thrusts became less deep, faster but remained strong.

I let him sleep and went downstairs to get a taxi home so I could rest. Also, I didn't want Mrs Zulu to find me in bed with her eighteen year old son.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Turn On City

Turn On Jhb 29 June
Turn On Cpt 27 July
Turn On Dbn 2 August

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"Because sex should not be more exciting on screen and between the pages than between the sheets." Jade Zwane

Looking forward to seeing you.

My YumYum

Jimmy and I go back to his place after dinner at a place near his. He gets undressed and I settle myself between his thighs on the bed. I take his cock in my hand. He isn't hard. I take in the scent of it. I lick the tip. It swells a little. I move down and suck on his balls. He moans and shifts his his beneath me. I tell him how great he tastes and tell him his cock is user friendly and my YumYum. His cock is hard. It's beautiful. I look at it. It's up right and eager to play. I shove it whole in my mouth. Teasing the back of my throat with it. Jimmy moans from the contact. I take it out and hold it in my hand while I lick up and down the shaft. I suck on him, give him butterfly kisses. I'm enjoying it and playing with it as though it were a melting ice cream on a stick. He moves his hips up. I push them down to let him know I'm in charge. I lick around the tip of his cock and it moves in circles following my tongue. My pussy is wet and I can feel a lot of blood rushing to it because it starts to "beat" at the rate of my heart. I take a deep breath and take my YumYum whole in my mouth again. This time I deep throat him. I take his cock further to my sweet spot. I sit still for a couple of seconds with him there. Then I start to play with his cock in my sweet spot. I feel contractions in my pussy. Like he's fucking me through my throat. I want to keep him there. He's moaning beneath me from pleasure. His hips swaying to and fro. I still him again. I don't want him to cum just yet. One hand on his balls and the other I use to play with myself. My pussy is very wet. I slide a slippery finger in around which my pussy continues to contract from the sensation of Jimmy's cock in my throat.  I lick the tip again and along his shaft. I take him whole in my mouth. I suck on his balls while I rub a hand up and down his shaft. My had slippery and wet from my mouth. I deep throat him. He moans and I know he is about to cum. I stick him deeper into my sweet spot. I feel the warmth of his climax run down my throat. I continue to play with myself, seeking my own climax. I call out louder than his moans seconds into his cry of ecstasy. I swallow his joy and lay next to him.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Jackpot Jimmy

I haven't seen Rodney in just over a week. The sex isn't frequent enough and I've since gotten over my infatuation of him. He is holding out on me. Playing mind and power games. I don't play games. Not with my feelings.
I text Jimmy to come around after dinner and drinks with friends. He responds to let me know he'll be here in twenty minutes.
There's a knock at the door. I walk over to open it. I've stripped my party dress off and only have my panties on. I open the door and he gives me the once over. I reach for his shoulders with my arms and pull him to me for a kiss. He tastes of whiskey, cigarette and Jimmy. After all this time apart, he still feels so familiar. He pushes my lips apart with his tongue. He teases the tip of mine with his then explores my mouth. Hard, claiming it. I lift one leg to wrap it around his waist. He lifts up the other and balances me with his hands on my ass. He walks the distance from the entrance to my room while I remove his jacket and let it drop to the floor. He sits me on the edge of the bed and takes off his t shirt and slips off his sneakers. His body looks the same, but better. More toned. His tattoos are just as I remember except for one. It must be recent. It's of a falcon above his right nipple. I pull him to me and unbuckle his belt, unzip his pants and slide them off. His cock is bulging in his briefs. I rub my cheeks over it, heat radiating through his briefs. I take in his scent. Just as I'm about to slide his briefs off he interrupts me by falling to his knees on ths edge of the bed. He pulls me by my ankles, spreading my legs apart, to the very edge of the bed. He removes my panties and throws them on the floor. I'm wet and want him inside me. He kisses my inner thighs then starts to lick my clit. He applies pressure, he knows what he's doing. He licks down towards and then around my pussy. His tongue is warm as he licks the never ending moisture of my desire and readiness. He puts his finger in my pussy and starts to finger fuck me. He reaches in deep and I feel him against the walls of my pussy. I cry out loud as my body contracts from the pleasure. He doesn't stop. And I cry out again as another wave of ecstasy ripples through me. My view is blurry. My cheecks warm and wet from tears  I hadn't noticed during my climax.
Jimmy kisses me between my thighs, comes up to my stomach, my nipples, chest, neck and my mouth. I can taste my pussy juices as he unleashes pleasure on me with his tongue. I slide up to the top of the bed underneath him and he moves with me. I'm hungry for him. I want his cock inside me. I wrap my legs around him. My heels on his back. I move my waist up towards him. He tortures my nerves and senses by putting only the tip of his cock in my pussy. He rubs it on my clit and on my pussy. Soakin it with my juices. When he finally enters me I feel feel a wave of emotion going through me from the tip of his cock, into my back and up through to my heart. I moan from pleasure. I'm greedy and want more of the feeling of him fucking my heart. I lift my ass off the bed and grind my hips mid air. I feel him deep inside me. My legs tingle as another wave of ecstasy travels through me. I fall back onto the bed and surrender myself to it. My fingers clawed into Jimmy's back, I fall apart beneath him. He moans a little louder than he has been. He goes still. I feel the warmth of his climax in my pussy. He stays inside me and holds me tightly beneath him. We fall asleep this way.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Double My Fun

I get a text from Rodney: Come over and bring your toy.
I'm so excited and grab my toy and a bottle of lubricant, chuck them into my handbag and make my way to his place. We had discussed our sexual fantasies the last time I'd seen him. His was a tame threesome. Mine, had left him a little uneasy. He had refused to negotiate it. Even after I'd suggested we go out and I'd pick up a girl we both liked to join us. His reaction to my fantasy had been one of horror.

When he'd asked me what my fantasy was I'd told him I'd like to fuck him up the arse with a double ended dildo. I'd told him we'd both be getting fucked. He'd said it didn't make it any better. I'd tried to sway him by telling him he'd have a mind blowing climax from the stimulation of his prostate. He still wasn't sold. I told him how it would turn me on to stand behind him and with him on his knees. He had rejected the idea.

So when he gave the green light I wasn't going to shy away or ask what had changed his mind. I was just excited that he was willing to let me live out my fantasy with him.

I get to his place, he lets me in with a look of worry on his face. I smile my biggest smile at him to unease him. The corners of his mouth turn up slightly but still with the look of worry in his eyes. He follows me to his room. I drop my bag on the bed and reach out to him to meet me half way. He does. I kiss him, exploring his mouth with my tongue. Letting him know I'm in charge. I take off his t shirt and continue to kiss him once it's over his head. I undo his belt buckle and unzip his pants. Then he pushed me to my knees by my shoulders. I understand his need for control. I take his briefs off using my mouth and teeth. I suck on his balls and bounce them on my tongue while I hold his stiff cock in my hand. I move to circle my tongue on the tip of his cock. It moves with my tongue. I lick his shaft them take him whole in my mouth. I look up at him and smile when I see that he is watching me.

I get up to my feet and kiss him. I take off my wrap dress and let it fall to to floor. He reaches for my breasts and cups them together in his palms and starts to lick and suck on my breasts and nipples. I move him to the bed where I push him so he's on his stomach. I kiss him down his back and let my hair tickle him as I do. I spread his butt cheeks slightly and lick around his arse hole. I use a hand to fiddle in my handbag for the lubricant and double ended dildo. I kiss his bum while I apply lubricant between his butt cheeks. I apply a generous amount on the dildo too. I ask him in my sweetest voice to get on his knees on the edge of the bed. He does. I insert just the tip of my end of the dilfo in my pussy. I slowly and gently enter him. Checking with every more I insert if he's okay. He is. By the time I've got most of it inside him I've also inserted my end fully inside my pussy.

I move slowly and gently. Side to side and around before I start to gently thrust in and out. I'm so turned on by his willingness to be submissive and trusting me with the power he has entrusted in me at this very moment. My thrusts get deeper and slightly faster. He moans from pleasure. I put my hand on his back to encourage movement from him. "It's okay baby," I tell him. I tell him how hot I am for me and how fucking sexy he is. My thrusts get faster, and then faster. He calls out loudly as he reaches his climax and grabs tightly onto the sheets. He is loud for a good three minutes with short silent intervals. I follow him into my own climax.

He looks at me and I can see his eyes are red and that he'd cried during his climax. He's embarrassed that he came on the sheets. I grab his t shirt from the floor and place it over his evidence of ecstasy.
I lay on top of it and he cuddles me as we fall asleep

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Rodney Love

A week after our lunch encounter Rodney called me up. He asks if I can go over to his place for dinner. I know he wants more. So do I. So I agree.
I wear a pencil skirt, a cami and cardigan and heels. I've just had my waxes done which always leaves me confident. I put on some lipstick and a squirt of perfume then drive over to his in my old beetle.

It's a twenty minute drive. I aarive and knock on his door. He opens to let me in and I can smell dinner cooking. He gives me a kiss, tentatively sticks his tongue in my mouth and steps aside to let me in. He hands me a glass of red wine and indicates for me to sit with him on his couch. I do.

Rodney: "Dinner will be ready in five minutes"
I smile and take a sip of the wine. I lean in to kiss him. He takes off my cardigan and I slip off my heels. He relieves me of my wine glass and places it next to his on the coffee table.
Me: "I'm not really hungry, not for food anyway"
Rodney: "hold that thought. Don't move"
He goes into the kitchen to turn dinner off, he comes back and takes his shirt off as he stands above me. He sits next to me and takes my cami off. I lay down on the couch and he slides my skirt off me. He winks at my having no underwear on, he dives between my legs. Kissing my inner thighs. Using his tongue on my clit. Lightly at first then he applies just enough pressure to send me off. He goes lower into my pussy and alternates between his tongue and fingers.

He gets up to take off his jeans and boxers. He enters me slowly. Drawing all the way in and out. Then he takes his cock out of my pussy. Leaving only just the tiniest fraction of his tip inside me. I beg for his cock. I move my hips frantically trying to get all of him back inside me. He doesn't give into me. I feel like I'm going to explode with my desire for him. It's urgent.

Finally he re enters me. Strong and deep. I surrender to him and cum instantly. He follows my lead.

He holds me and tells me I'm beautiful while he lightly caresses all of me. In this moment I want him to want me. To care about me. To love me. And I don't want to share him.

We have dinner on his couch then move to cuddle on his bed. We spent all night having sex. I leave  reluctanctly to go to get ready for work at my place.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Randy Rodney

I was out for lunch with Rodney. The restaurant was quiet. People were at work. We ate and talked. And touched. After the waitress had refilled our drinks he slid his fingers up my dress and between my thighs. He teased my clit and slipped a finger into my moist pussy to finger fuck me under the table. I tried to keep my composure. Sipping on my sprite. He slid a second finger in and I tried to moan from the pleasure as quietly as I could. He looked at me squirm. Him watching me in ecstasy turned me on so much I squirt and messed on the chair. He stopped. He stood up. I was now at eye level with his crotch. His cock bulging through his jeans. He told me to get up. He led me outside, away from anyone and near the kitchen. We could hear the women cooking and cleaning up.

He pushed me against the wall and quickly undid his buckle and zipper. Without a word he lifted my dress and shoved himself inside me. I moaned too loud threatening to give us away. He kept me quiet by kissing me. His tongue, strong and exploring all of my mouth. It left me breathless as he lifted both my legs off the ground and around his waist. His hands on my butt. Giving me support. The idea of possibly getting caught added to my excitement and arousal. He moved my hips to his rhythm as he came in and out of my very wet pussy. I cluctched my hands around his shoulders as he made me reach climax again. Trembling in his hands I could feel he was near his own climax. He looked at me and then I watched him break open and apart as he came.

He put me down, zipped up his pants and did his buckle. We walked back inside just as the waitress was walking to our table to ask if we were still okay.